Coach / Barbell Club Coach

Mile: 6:00

Grace: 3:00

7 minutes of burpees/12.1: 118; 5k, 15k, 25k, half-marathon

marathon age group awards

CrossFit competition podium finishes



USAW Level 1


PTA Global CPT

Youth Empowerment Systems

About Coach

I found CrossFit right out of high school in 2011, and I didn’t know that it would lead me to my passion and the most fulfilling career. I was a runner for most of my life and began to use CrossFit workouts as cross-training to feel empowered as a skinny teenager. I tried out many sports along the way, but have been solely focused on CrossFit as my sport and career since 2018. I love to participate in local competitions but I mostly enjoy being a part of a gym community and coaching members at every stage of their journey. Before I began coaching CrossFit, I started coaching high school Cross Country and kids fitness programs in 2014. I have also been a 1-on-1 and small group Personal Trainer since 2016. I have worked with the 55+ population, clients seeking weight loss and strength gains, and with kids and teenagers, helping them improve in their sport or life by strength and conditioning. I love nothing more than working with people to unlock their confidence and help them enjoy the gym!

Turning Point

I was not a natural athlete by any means, I just loved to work hard. I’ve had many coaches in many sports and have experienced losing many times. One coach even said, “you still suck,” after I ended last in my race. Luckily, I had a coach who believed in me. When I was weak and gangly and came in the back of the pack in many races, I still had someone who would cheer me on, coach me, and help me move forward. Over many years, I became the best runner and leader I could be at the time and quickly began coaching high schoolers who needed someone in their corner.

Motivation & Passion

My goal as a coach is to support athletes in their mental and physical growth, help them accomplish what they didn’t think was possible, and to ensure they have the best hour of their day. Whether it’s general health and fitness or sports-specific, I meet my clients where they’re at and aim to learn about THEIR motivation and where I can help them unlock their potential. I like to keep my coaching simple, doable, and impactful!

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